Create a custom product template

Templates allow you to re-create a design using the editor and let your customer design his product from there. The tutorial below will teach you how to create a template and how to display them to the customer.

Before creating a template, make sure you’ve at least one customizable product. Each template is linked to a customizable product i.e. saying the templates depend on the product.

1. Add a template

To create a template:

  1. Click on Dashboard > WPD > Templates. Then click on the New Template button to view your customizable products list (simple products and variations of variable products).
  2. Choose the template’s base product and then click on the Select button to access the template creation screen. A base product is a customizable product from which your template extracts the settings (parts, bounding boxes…).
  3. If you want to assign your template to a category, select the desired templates categories.
  4. The Text tab option allows you to add formats and features to your inserted text.
  5. The Shapes tab option allows you to insert shapes.
  6. The IMAGES/CLIPARTS tab option allows you to upload images or use your clipart. Note: After inserting a shape and selecting the shape inserted, you will automatically be taken into the IMAGES/CLIPARTS tab to add color fills and features to the selected shape. In other to resize the shape, you will have to select the shape tab option while your inserted shape is selected.
  7. The Locking option gives the ability to lock the movement, resizing, or deletion of any inserted elements in the editor. Note: To use the locking options you need to select an object on the design(text, shapes, image, cliparts, etc…) and then the locking options you will set would be about the currently selected object. To set the locking options in another object on the designer select the object and return to the locking options space and set the correct locking options.
  8. Once the design is complete, click on the Publish button to save it.

2. Display a custom template

There are 3 ways to display your templates using shortcodes:

  • To display all existing templates, [wpc-templates]
  • To display all templates in a specific category: [wpc-templates cat=”my category name”]
  • To display all templates related to one or multiple products: [wpc-templates products=”1, 12, 123″] where 1, 12 and 123 are the IDs of your base products.

You have to select a customizable product first” is a message that appears if you use the same page for your customization page, as your product template page. Doing this creates a conflict, because you need two separate pages, one for your customization page, and the other for your product template page.

It is recommended that you create another page that will be used to display the templates of your product e.g. “Product Designer Badge“, and place the shortcode [wpc-templates] that will displate the generated templates.

Last updated on May 11, 2023