Save preview

Save preview add-on As its name suggests, this add-on allows users to save on their device the result of their configuration. /!\ Associated post /!\ Enable Save preview feature After installing and activating the add-on, edit a configuration and find the “Activate Save Configuration option” setting. Set it to “YES” to add a download button […]

Social share

Social share The add-on allows users to share the image of the configured product on social media. /!\ Associated post /!\ 1. Share settings Before users can be able to share the result of their configuration, a few things need to be set up, including the social networks on which sharing will be possible. To […]

Save for later

Save for later add-on Save for later add-on allows the configurator users to save the product they are configuring and gives them afterward the ability to pick up the configuration where they left off. /!\ Associated post /!\ 1. Enable Save for later feature After installing the add-on, edit a configuration (Dashboard > Product Builder […]

Request a quote

Request a quote add-on Request a quote add-on allows you to prevent the user from adding the configured product to the cart. Instead, the “Add to cart” button is replaced by a “Request a quote” button that will generate a quote request form. /!\ Associated posts /!\ 1. Email settings Quote requests are sent via […]

Form builder

Form builder add-on Form builder add-on allows you to add a special form on your configurator to get more information from your customers. You’ll first need to create the form and then add it to a component of your configuration. /!\ Associated post /!\ 1. Create the form The first step in setting up the […]

Custom image upload

Custom image upload add-on Custom image upload add-on allows the users to add a personal image to the configurable product. This add-on has a lot of similarities with the Custom text add-on. 2 steps are required to set up the feature: create the image upload component and add it to your configuration. /!\ Associated posts […]

Installation and activation

Installation and activation The installation and activation process is the same for the main plugin (Visual Products Configurator) and all add-ons. /!\ Associated post /!\ 1. License registration Depending on your purchase, you either get a Lifetime or a yearly subscription license and you’ll need it to proceed to the activation. All your purchased plugin […]

Custom text

Custom text add-on Custom text add-on allows the users to add text to the configurable product. They also can edit the text font, color, and position. 3 steps are required to set up the feature: add new fonts, add new colors, create the text component and add it to your configuration. /!\ Associated posts /!\ […]

Multiple views

Multiple views add-on Multiple views add-on allows the user to see the product they are configuring from several angles /!\ Associated posts /!\ 1. How to create views for your configurable product? After installing and activating the add-on, go to the configurations page (Dashboard > Product Builder > Configurations) and edit the product configuration. Then […]

Configuration media optimization

Configuration media optimization As explained here, Visual Product Configurator uses options images to build the product preview. For efficiency reasons, all those images are downloaded while the configurator is loading so that the merge process is fast and generates fewer requests to the server. /!\ Associated post /!\ 1. Tips for the size of the […]