Generate a print ready output in Seme Custom Signs Designer

Generate a print ready output Seme, our Custom Signs Designer understands the value of a print ready PDF file and lets you generate up to 48 inches outputs at 300dpi outputs with entirely customizable crop and bleed marks for PDF. Here is how to manage your outputs: 1. Print ready settings The output settings is […]

Add cliparts in Seme Custom Signs Designer

Add cliparts The Clipart feature is really just a way to give your customers predefined images to use in their designs. The images can be pictures, clipart or vectors, and you can organize them in groups for easier selection. Set up cliparts To create a new clipart group go to Dashboard > CSD > Cliparts There is no […]

Create a Configuration in Seme Custom Signs Designer

Create a configuration A custom product configuration is a set of parameters that can be assigned to one or more WooCommerce products that regulate how they work. Assigning a custom product configuration to a normal WooCommerce product turns it into a customizable product. 1. Make a new configuration The first step to making our product […]

Add fonts in Seme Custom Signs Designer

Add fonts Fonts are one of the most critical yet basic features when doing design and our product designer plugin is built to prioritize this for you. Seme Custom Signs Designer plugin does not only allow you to use Google fonts in your designs but also to add custom TTF fonts which you can use […]

Set up the design page of Seme Custom Signs Designer

Set up the design page Before you start using the Seme Custom Signs Designer plugin, you need to set up some options. The design page is the page that will be used by our plugin to display the designer. Let us show you how to create and set your design page: The design page is […]

Installation and Activation of Seme Custom Signs Designer

Installation and Activation 1. Installation Process 2. Set your license of Seme Custom Signs Designer The license is a key that allows you to have access to all the features of our plugin. The license menu tab allows you to set up the automatic updates notification feature. After configuring the settings below, you will receive […]